Travel notes

For me the concept of travel is deeply connected with cultural growth, self-awareness and, above all, fuels artistic research. Exploring new places and cultures allows me to broaden my understanding of the world: Through reportage, I can learn about different traditions, values ​​and lifestyles that lead me to grow both as a person and as a photographer. Thanks to travel, it becomes possible to explore new techniques of representation. Each place has its own unique character and my job is to capture its essence through the right approach. This is why it is important to remain flexible, to empathize with the surrounding environment, both to avoid repetition in the design construction and to be ready to grasp the unpredictability of circumstances. But beyond that, I feel a deep need to research and tell stories, to visually represent ideas, to find and depict things with a universal character that binds us inextricably together and to try to shape the sense of mystery and wonder that envelops the world.