Chiara Rapisarda

After graduating from the University of Roma Tre in Disciplines of Arts and Entertainment, a 1st Level Master in Directing, Photography and Post Production, and having attended several specialization workshops, I started writing and directing short films focused on existential and social issues, orienting the filmic imaginary within my homeland - Sicily, from which I constantly draw inspiration.

The passion for photography comes from the in-depth study of Masters such as H.C. Bresson, E. Atget, A. Kertész, Luigi Ghirri and many others authors, and the constant desire for an aesthetic-compositional research which, in my style, finds reconciliation in obsolete, abandoned objects, which suffer the charm and neglect of time.  

I made several projects and photographic reportages, among the most recent the one in Portugal, entitled Saudade, made between Lisbon, Sintra, Coimbra and the Dos Capuchos monastery and another, made in the hinterland of Morocco, near Safi entitled Maroc: en route.

 In 2022 I was selected for the course Richard Kalvar, organized by Magnum Photos Agency. During the stage i realized the  Vanishment project based on a natural overlays, develop in three cities of north italy (Sirmione, Brescia, Verona).

I currently live between France and Italy and I'm working on a project about the study of human and sculptural bodies.